Creatures of Serendipity - The facility of making happy discoveries by accident

IllustrationGabriella Painting


I've always loved horses. As a young girl I had visions of owning my own pony. Sunday afternoon TV episodes of Black Beauty fueled my passion for these magnificent animals and my day dreams were full of exciting
adventures and great acts of heroism, all of course on horse back. My imagination knew no bounds but my parents’ bank balance was limited. I never did get that pony yet this didn't stop me fantasizing…

I grew up on the Wirral in Merseyside. School was a drag until I reached the sixth form and was able to concentrate my efforts on Art & English, the only two subjects I had any interest in or was any good at. After leaving school I did a foundation course in Art & Design and went on to study textile printing at Liverpool Poly. After obtaining my degree an opportunity arose for me to travel to other European countries.  This greatly broadened my horizons. This period of travel reshaped my artistic understanding.

In 1991 I came to Ireland, initially to help my parents relocate.  Twenty years later, I'm still here.